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The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at Drug Alcohol Depend See other articles in PMC Adata N702 cite the published article.

Abstract While marijuana use is common during adolescence, it can have adverse long-term consequences, with serious criminal involvement being one of them. Utilizing propensity score matching to take into account the shared risk factors between drug use and crime, regression analyses on the matched samples show that heavy adolescent marijuana use may lead to drug and property crime and criminal justice system interactions, but not violent crime. Results suggest that the Adata N702 of heavy marijuana use among adolescents could potentially reduce the perpetration of drug and property crime in adulthood, as well as the burden on the criminal justice system, but would have little effect on violent crime.

Introduction 1. However, despite increasing evidence of negative Adata N702, data from the Monitoring the Future Survey show a recent upward trend in marijuana use among adolescents in the United States Johnston, et al.

Accompanying this upward trend in use is a decline in perceived risk of harm from regular marijuana use Johnston, et Adata N702. Currently, only about half of U. Similarly, public opinion polls in the U.

Thus, there is a critical need to continue to elucidate the Adata N702 of adolescent marijuana use and possible mechanisms driving those consequences. One serious potential effect of early use is increased risk of perpetrating various types of crime and becoming involved with the criminal justice system, which can have detrimental health and social effects.

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While marijuana use and criminal involvement other than drug use have been shown to be highly related see Bennett et al. Instead the association Adata N702 be a result of shared risk factors that predispose an individual to both use drugs more heavily than peers and to engage in Adata N702 activities Gottfredson and Hirschi, ; Jessor and Jessor, These shared risk factors include poor family relations, low socioeconomic status, family vulnerability to deviance, poor school achievement, behavioral problems, and a general disposition to non-conformity Fergusson et al.


While it is critical to adequately take these factors into account when investigating the association of earlier drug use and later crime, the use of randomized designs to test their causal relationship is impossible due to ethical concerns. The aim of this paper is to examine whether heavy adolescent marijuana use increases the risk of adult criminal involvement once shared risk factors are taken into account with propensity score methods, an advanced statistical technique to adjust for observed confounders and examine potential causality in nonexperimental studies Rosenbaum, ; Rosenbaum and Rubin, This approach reduces selection bias when estimating the effects of adolescent marijuana use on crime and, through the Adata N702 of the propensity score, it captures all of the potentially confounding variation in the observed covariates.

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After matching, the resulting similarity of the heavy users and non-heavy users being compared means that the approach can produce inferences about marijuana use and crime that are Adata N702 more robust and less sensitive to modeling assumptions than regression on unmatched samples Ho et al. However, while the propensity score approach to examining crime Adata N702 of adolescent marijuana use represents a strength over work that uses traditional regression methods to adjust for confounding, it still falls short of a randomized design.


Adata N702 In particular, propensity score methodology only allows for matching on observed confounders. Further, any measurement error within observed covariates remains a problem. Thus, while propensity score methods can help approximate a design in which Adata N702 use was randomly assigned to individuals, it still is not nearly as strong a design as a randomized experiment, which balances both observed and unobserved confounders.


For example, Lee Robins in the classic book Deviant Children Grown Up establishes that early conduct disordered children are more likely as adults to have a number of deviant behaviors, such as crime, drug use, and dishonorable discharges from the Adata N702 Forces, to name a few. This finding has been replicated repeatedly in the literature. However, the reasons for this continuity are less clear.

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Thus, a primary question when considering continuity between drug use and crime is: Two recent articles used propensity score methods to statistically control Adata N702 a shared risk for drug use and crime. Slade and colleagues found that substance use disorders earlier in the life course by age 16 predicted criminal arrest and incarceration, after matching on a wide variety of early risk factors.

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Odgers and colleagues found that those with a history of early substance use multiple times by age 15 had almost four times more criminal convictions by age 32 than those without a history of early substance use after matching on relevant risk factors. Together these studies suggest that there may be a direct effect of substance use and disorders on Adata N702 however, neither tested potential mechanisms. Thus, a secondary question is: Do certain mechanisms along the life course explain the Adata N702 between early marijuana use and adult criminal behavior?

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